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Welcome to online CPR Certification Solutions, the leader in medical CPR/AED online classes. We are honored that you have chosen us to provide you with the latest AHA and ECC guidelines for our online CPR Certification classes. We will provide you with the finest experience in online CPR/AED FIRST AID CERTIFICATION course possible. Our Courses have been hand crafted by accredited AHA instructors to achieve the easiest way to learn online.

When it comes to healthcare and First Aid Classes, it is important to always be up to date on the latest CPR/AED Classes and know how to handle an emergency situation if it arises. Our online training courses are essential for everyone; working professionals, organizations and healthcare providers. We offer 24/7 assistance to anyone in need of help by calling our toll-free number or by email.

Online Classes

We offer convenient online classes, across all states in US and Canada, so you can earn your certification or recertification from the comfort of your own home, work, or school. Our classes specialize in the needs of saving peoples lives. If you are in need a recertification courses come give us a try. You can move through the course as you complete a section, and you are never held up or sped up. Learning from work, home or school online has become the new way to obtain certification training. Taking our online certification course, you will learn valuable training and techniques to support you in an emergency scenario.

CPR Certification Courses

The best way to handle an emergency situation is to be prepared and trained so that you can help someone in need. We offer child and adult online CPR/AED FIRST AID certification for all in one training. It is our mission to provide you with the most updated classes. Whether you encounter a situation such as drowning or choking due to a blocked passage, you will know exactly how to handle that situation and stay calm.

Options and Information

We offer the best online CPR/AED recertification or certification classes that are convenient to fit into your busy schedule. Once you’ve completed one of our online classes, you will be ready to take the online exam at your own pace. After you pass the test, you can print out your instant PDF soft copy wallet card to show your employer if needed. Then you will be rewarded with a hard copy wallet card in 3-5 business days for free.  Here at  CPR Solutions our  certification courses we offer meet or exceed AHA and ECC guidelines.

Our programs are designed to help people learn First Aid and CPR at a fast pace, and you will be trained to take care of emergency situation if it arises. These types of situations can be scary and knowing how to handle them and remain calm is important.

Our CPR online courses always come with a 2 year certification validation once you pass one of our online classes.

First Aid/CPR Certification

First Aid Online certification is important because it is inevitable that someone will severely injure themselves and need medical attention. Our online First Aid course you will have the skills to provide help and assistance. You will learn exactly how to perform the proper first aid and apply bandages to wounds. You will also learn the essential role of stopping the bleeding and how to apply correct pressure. Seconds matter in some situations; with our online certification or recertification, you will be trained and able to save lives.

CPR/AED Certifications

Our courses are essential, because they teach you the role of providing hands on CPR/AED training and how to use a automated external defibrillator. This will help save someone’s life in an emergency situation if they are not breathing or have had a heart attack.