Chance of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes and Importance of CPR

When we live an active life we surely expect to dodge the illnesses that are associated with unhealthy living. We do not expect to experience illness but we are seeing many a young athlete collapse from cardiac arrest and the question that begs to be asked is why does this happen?

There are underlying conditions that are most often not even diagnosed which causes the heart to take too much strain. Complication often happen when a condition is not diagnosed in time. Both strokes and cardiac arrest can occur as a result of this. This is why it is so important to see a doctor if something doesn’t feel right. You know your body and you will know if you are not well. The problem is that society quickly marks us a hypochondriac without even bothering to wait and see if there really is something legitimately wrong.

This scenario causes us to not want to go to the doctor which leaves serious conditions undiagnosed for extended periods of time. Another reason that sees young athletes drop with cardiac arrests and strokes is because they allow themselves to be pushed over their limits. Yes, they may be very fit and healthy but too much of a good thing can apparently be deadly. There is no glory for the weak and if you do not push yourself to the brink you are considered weak as an athlete.

There needs to be a balance between hard work and relaxation in order to truly be healthy. Yet another reason for young athletes to be ailed with cardiac conditions is the use of steroids. In sport many sacrifice absolutely everything to be the best. Especially the young like to think that they are invincible. Not even steroids can do them harm. The sad fact is that many athletes come to their end because the steroid use has damaged their bodies very badly. The heart is the first to try and deal with the punishment which is why it often calls it quits.

There is also a misconception among people that fitness and health are synonymous with one another but the fact is that you can be fit without being healthy. As mentioned you may be doing damage to your health in an attempt to achieve ultimate fitness. It is all about more activity, more practice, more exercise, more money, more glory. Always more.

It is this yearning to be more and have more that result in athletes throwing caution to the wind. They think that they will push hard while they are young. They even set goals for themselves to ensure they become better, the best but when the goal is reached they do not take it easier. Instead they strive to be even better and set new goals to reach resulting in the body calling it quits. At https://cprcertificationcourses.com/ you will find courses to deal with this kind of situation should it arise.