Online CPR/AED and First Aid Certification in New York


Professionals who are living in the state of New York and are interested in becoming CPR/AED certified can sign up for one of our classes. Working professionals who need to be certified can do so at their own pace and time with our 24/7 courses.

With our 100% online CPR class offered in New York City those who are in need of CPR certification don’t have to attend the 4-hour CPR/AED classes in order to be certified in AED, CPR or first aid certification. This program was designed by physicians trained in AHA and practicing in the state. The CPR certification courses are ranked first among the training providers of online courses.


It is extremely important to be certified in in order to save lives. What needs to be done is to just sign up to get your CPR/AED online training with CPR solutions in the city of Buffalo.

The classes held by us has a 100% guarantee and convenient to your schedule. The sole aim of our course is that you should be satisfied with the courses and training offered as this was created by physicians from New York.

Those who are residing in Rochester can register with our online CPR certification or CPR recertification classes at your convenience. You can start the online manual and then take the exam after you have completely studied the CPR/AED course material.

Working professionals in Syracuse that are looking for CPR courses can take our online classes at any time of the day or night for recertification and certification.


We have designed this exclusive online CPR/AED first aid classes that follow the guidelines set up by 2010 AHA manual. Those who enroll themselves in this web-based designing program in Yonkers can be trained in an hour.

When you pass the first aid certification course an email will be sent to you with instant certification card. First aid classes are also offered by our program for your training needs.


Situated in Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of USA, New York is the third most populous in the country. It is also the seventh-most densely populated state. Around 10,000 B.C. first Native Americans arrived in the state. It was not before 1787 when New York got the recognition of being the 11 th state of United States Constitution.

New York is a rich state and is supported by agricultural outputs like dairy products, vegetables and apple cultivation. On the manufacturing front, chemical products, electrical equipments, heavy machinery and cement production is prominent. The top financial service of the world, Wall Street is located at New York.

The population of New York State was about 20 million in 2013 as per the US Census Bureau estimates. The population growth is 1.7% over 2010 base. The state receives the highest number of immigrants from around the world. The African Americans comprise 15.9% of the population while Asian Americans make up another 7.3%.


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