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Professionals who wish to get CPR/AED certification in Virginiacan enroll in our CPR/AED courses. Come sign up for our CPR classes in Richmond at your convenience anytime day or night.

Our online CPR classes in Virginia are available 24/7 all you have to do is click on the register box. Candidates are not required to physically attend any of the 4-hour modules in Virginia Beach for CPR/AED certification in order to get the desired certificate of CPR, AED or first aid certification. The online courses have been designed by qualified AHA physicians and the training rigidly follows AHA guidelines. Particular attention is given to working professionals in Chesapeake for CPR/AED training.


It is essential to be certified in life saving skills with CPR/AED certification training. The easiest way is to join our online CPR/AED courses in Newport offered by us is go to the homepage and signup.

Your satisfaction for our online CPR/AED classes is very important to us. The course material for our classes is of the highest standard as practicing doctors from Virginia are associated with our institute in developing the courses for online CPR/AED training.

There is no hands-on training needed to get certified in our online CPR classes. You should imbibe all the knowledge and information comprehensively in our online classes before you take the test. Once you pass the test the result for CPR/AED course will be verified by e-mail in a few minutes after you submit the finished test.

Facility of evening or night classes is also provided for working professionals interested in CPR/AED certification. They can attend online classes and attend the training for CPR/AED course as per their convenience at any time of the day/night with our classes.


This elite online course for CPR/AED first aid certification is unique and conceptualized by CPR Solutions and adheres to all AHA 2010 guidelines. Candidates can fast track the course and get CPR/AED certificate online from Norfolk in just an hour.

Get your online CPR/AED first aid certification training at your convenience, any time of the day and from any location. These courses are recognized nationwide in all 50 states.

All of our Courses are held in partnership with Red Cross Society and regulated by AHA 2010 guidelines.


Located on the eastern side of the country, Virginia is also known as the “Old Dominion” as it was a prominent domain of the New World English colony. The state played a major role in the American Civil War and is among the 13 colonies that joined to form the USA. It is hailed as the “Mother of Presidents” as the most Presidents have been born in Virginia.

Food processing is a major driving force behind Virginian economy. The Virginia port has opened up export facility and the state is the largest exporter of computer chips. A large number of state parks and a spectacular ocean front make tourism an important sector. The headquarters of CIA is located at Langley and the state is home to the headquarters of Department of Defense also.

The state population was about 8.2 million in 2013 as per US Census Bureau estimate, a 3.2% increase over 2010 census. The increment was due to equal contribution from immigration from outside US as well as from different states within the country. Latin Americans comprise 8.6% of the total population.


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