Online Certification Courses for ACLS, BLS, and PALS in Virginia

We offer certification and re-certification courses as well as training in AED, CPR and First Aid techniques. If you are employed somewhere that requires you to have a higher level of certification and training, we offer ACLS and BLS certifications as well. If you work with pediatrics, we also offer training and certification in PALS. This program is unique in the fact that you won’t have to travel anywhere or attend any in-person testing or training classes. It can all be done online from your device in the comfort of your own home. The study materials and the course guidelines were designed by physicians from the American Heart Association, so you know they’re up to date with the current guidelines and regulations. These guidelines are redone every five years with the next update set for 2020.

ACLS, BLS, & PALS Online Certification and Re-certification

If you’re a Medical Professional, you realize that you’ll most likely be required to be certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) training. This training will ensure that you are prepared to respond appropriately in an emergency situation. ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support training and certification is required by doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and first responders. Finally, PALS training and certification is needed by anyone who works with pediatrics.

As soon as you sign up for the individual course or package you’re interested in and purchase it, you’ll get access to the study materials. You can review these materials and take the certification exam on any internet ready device. However, they are not available once you begin the exam, so it is a good idea to make sure you have a good understanding of all of the material. You also get two additional attempts if you don’t pass the first round, and the exam is multiple choice questions. Once you have passed, you can immediately print out your certification, and a hard copy will be mailed to you within five business days.

AED & CPR Online Certification & Re-certification

When people hear the terms AED or CPR, they immediately think of hospitals or medical careers. However, many other employers are beginning to require that their employees become certified in AED and CPR as extra safety precautions. In Virginia, it is now mandatory that each teacher or school professional be certified in AED and CPR protocols. This can extend to many day care providers, athletic coaches, and social workers. At CPR Solutions, we understand that many of these professionals work during normal business hours, and this can make it hard to get certified without taking time off of work. This is why we offer completely online certification courses that can be taken any time of the day or during the night.

Virginia State Information

Virginia in the 10th state, and it was admitted into statehood in 1788. It has a population of over 8 million people, and this makes it the 12th most populous state in the United States, according to the US Census Bureau. It has an overall area of 42,769 square miles. The state was named after England’s Queen Victoria I. Virginia is known for its agriculture and transportation industries.

Virginia Health Issues

Despite all of the beautiful scenery with various beaches, mountains, and miles of hiking trails, obesity is still a significant health issue throughout Virginia. This is followed closely by diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, stroke, and hypertension. Virginia ranks at #43 for the most unhealthy state, and a lot of this is contributed to drug and alcohol abuse. The overall ranking is based on the criteria listed below, and it works in tandem with America’s Health Rankings.

  • Behavior – Drinking, Drug Abuse, Obesity, Smoking
  • Clinical – Preventative Care & Hospitalizations
  • Community & Environmental Factors – Infectious Disease, Pollution, Violence
  • Health Outcomes – Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease
  • Policy – Lack of Health Insurance, Lack of Available Care Facilities

Drowning is also a significant problem. It is one of the leading causes of death in children from the ages of 1 to 4 years old. In 2016 between the week of May 27th to June 5th, there were five accidental drownings alone. A person who is brought back after nearly dying enters the next critical 72 hours where they should be watched by someone with and ACLS certification, or if the victim is a child, someone with PALS certification. This period is where people have the most problems and have a higher risk of complications and death.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the biggest city in Virginia with a population count coming in at just over 453,000 people. The city itself spans 500 miles and this is larger than Washington DC and Manhattan. It is home to 3  American military bases. The boardwalk in Virginia Beach has been around for over 120 years and it was named the Fifth Best Boardwalk in the United States! It also boasts one of the longest beaches in the United States at 35 miles.

In spite of the miles of beaches, Virginia Beach has a problem with both obesity rates and diabetes. These two chronic conditions usually work in tandem with one another, and where you see higher obesity rates, you often see higher diabetes rates as well. Strokes are also common, but these can also be linked back to lifestyle choices and the obesity problem.


Norfolk is the second largest city in Virginia with a population of over 246,000 inhabitants. It showcases the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Virginia Zoo. These attractions draw tourists in from all over the world. The Ocean View Amusement Park has a wooden roller coaster dating back to 1977. There is also a beautiful 155-acre botanical garden that tourists flock to each year.

The air quality of Norfolk ranks 58 out of 100,and it is to blame for the multitude of respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. It is recommended that anyone who suffers from chronic respiratory issues track the air quality and pollutant levels before venturing outside for extended periods of time as this can irritate your respiratory problems. If you find someone who is suffering from irritated respiratory problems, you want to keep them as calm as possible. If you don’t have the training or certifications to help them like Basic Life Support, it is a good idea to call a hospital and get advice on how to help the person so their condition doesn’t worsen.


Chesapeake, Virginia is the third most populated city with a population of 235,000 people. This population puts Chesapeake on the map as the 17th largest city in the United States when measured by land area, and the 91st largest city in the United States by population. Money Magazine ranked Chesapeake as one of the top six safest cities to live with over 100,000 people, and the FBI consistently ranks Chesapeake as one of the top five safest cities.

Chesapeake has a history of having issues with their water quality. The water has been known to run yellow or lavender colors, as well as carry an unpleasant smell. The high levels of rust in the water pipelines lead to streaking showers, toilets, and clothing. Chesapeake also has a significant number of substance abuse and mental health issues.


Richmond, Virginia has a large population at just over 220,000 people in total. It is one of the United States oldest major cities to date. The city’s economy has been driven by law and finance. Richmond is also known as an advertising hub that The Martin Agency calls home, and it also has six Fortune 500 companies in the downtown district.

The poverty level in parts of Richmond combined with the substance abuse issue is two driving factors in this city’s core health issues. Substance abuse was linked to 389 overdoses in the past year in Richmond alone. If someone has overdosed, a person with more extensive training or someone who has completed their ACLS certification could mean the difference between the person who overdosed being okay and surviving or dying. They will have a better idea of what to do, and will most likely stay calmer throughout the situation. They should also have gotten a basic procedure on what to do in their training such as calling poison control, an ambulance, or an emergency room for assistance.

Newport News

Newport News is a large city in Virginia with a population of 183,000 people. Newport News was settled in 1621 and played a large part in the Civil War’s Peninsula Campaign. The shores of this city are also famous for the “Battle of the Ironclads” that took place here. This city is also an entertainment rich mecca that celebrates the birth of Ella Fitzgerald and the blues group The Five Keys.

The two biggest health concerns in Newport News are hypertension and diabetes. If these two problems are left unchecked, they can lead to more severe health problems like cardiac arrest and strokes. Lack of health insurance also prevents many residents from getting the proper health care for their chronic issues. In 2015, this city reported over 15% of its residents under 65 didn’t have adequate health insurance. This fact means people will put off going to the hospital until they’re extremely sick. This increases their mortality rate, and if you’ve had BLS training, it would be easier for you to identify how sick they really are and get them help sooner.

Virginia CPR News

2016 – A teenager saved the life of his teammate by giving CPR to his teammate after he was hit in the chest with a baseball and it stopped his heart. The EMTs reported that twelve minutes passed between the time CPR was first administered until and AED brought the teenager back. The teenager who gave CPR stated he became certified just a few months before this incident because of his job as a lifeguard at the local pool. The teenager he saved made a full recovery, and the family credits the quick thinking teammate along with the CPR had administered for this full recovery.