Importance of CPR Training in School

Once our kids are old enough to go to school we start fearing for their safety the minute they are not in our care. This includes when they go to school. We know that there are teachers to supervise them but we also know that accidents happen and they could be fatal. If we require teachers to have CPR/AED first aid certification training this will help when a child needs of medical help.  Requiring CPR training for all teachers nationally will only make all parents feel secure when their kids for off to school knowing if an emergency arises they know what to do.

We rarely worry that our children will suffer from a cardiac episode unless of course they have a heart condition. A main threat to kids is choking. They try to eat to fast or take too big of bites and can start choking. Heck, even adults choke sometimes. They can also drown in a school pool. In both these instances you will see that online CPR certification training will come in very handy. CPR training can possibly start up a heart that stopped and keep the blood circulating until professional help arrives. This helps to keep all the organs alive where they would start failing if chest compressions were not applied.

In the event this kind of scenario plays out in your child’s school you are sure to be more at peace knowing that there is someone with the relevant training to successfully save the life of the child. This is great to know, especially if the child in question is yours. It leaves us just that bit more at ease to know our kids are in better hands than would have been the case if nobody was trained to use CPR. Because of the existence of CPR, having a child die from choking or drowning is rare nowadays. If we are in a position to do so we should definitely attempt to save the life of anybody in need.

You never know when you’ll need to use emergency CPR techniques on people. If you are not specifically trained in CPR the worst thing that you can do is nothing. At least call 911, get help and keep the victims safe and secure until help arrives. At least if you’re trying to help someone survive is better than not doing anything at all. Chest compressions are necessary if the person is not breathing. This will help them have a chance of survival.

It is rare that you will come across a major accident in your lifetime but if you have CPR certification training you will be able to help in this situation. What happens if a student falls of a swing and is not breathing? You will have the skills to perform lifesaving CPR techniques to that individual and could possibly save their life. Or if a student is choking on some food you will know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver and remove the food stuck in their throat. Life saving techniques are very important to know as a teacher.