Massachusetts CPR/AED & First Aid Certification Courses

Approved and Accepted Anywhere in Massachusetts

Are you a business professional looking for a convenient way to learn CPR for your job? Or are you a parent looking to learn CPR to handle a family emergency situation? Whatever the case, our fast online courses take the hassle out of learning and make it possible for anyone to get certified in CPR.

Our courses are accepted nationwide (and even outside the United States as well), so whether you’re in Boston, Brockton or anywhere else in the state you can learn CPR on your own schedule and your own time.

Based on both AHA and Red Cross guidelines, you’ll learn current theory and techniques in an easy-to-understand format and presentation style. We put special emphasis on making the training material long enough to cover the material in a complete way but not so long that you drown in small details.

Just 3 Steps to Get Certified or Recertified

It goes without saying how important knowledge of CPR is in an emergency situation. In spite of that many people have put off learning it because old fashioned courses require 4 hours of in person classroom training and nobody ever wants to spend time doing that.

We get rid of that hassle with true, 100% online convenience!

See our 3 steps process:

  1. First, choose the course you’d like and complete the sign up and purchase process for it using your favorite web device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). We accept all major payment methods so payment is easy and convenient.
  2. You can start going through the training material as soon as your purchase is complete. We do not time you so you’ll be able to spend as much time or as little as you need until you are confident in the material.
  3. Take the exam when you’re ready. Just like the training material, the exam is not timed so you can have as much or little time to complete it as you need.

Get your results as soon as you finish the exam. If you pass you’ll get a virtual card that you can print for confirmation. If not, you can study the training material where necessary and retake the exam when you have time. Don’t worry – free retakes are included with each course we offer.


Massachusetts has one of the highest GDP per capita among all the states. To its east lies the Atlantic Ocean. Greater Boston contains about two-thirds of the population of Massachusetts. Many of the cities and towns here have names of English towns since they were originally settled by immigrants from England.

The world famous Harvard University is located in this state. Agriculture, fishing and trade were large industries in Massachusetts. Later it became a manufacturing and financial services-based economy.

The 2013 population estimate was 6.7 million per the US Census Bureau, which is a 2.2% increment over the 2010 figure. Massachusetts was the third most densely populated state in 2010. Although there has been a drain of local residents to other states due to its higher cost of living, the deficit has been more than made up by the influx of foreign immigrants.


Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New Bedford, Brockton, Quincy, Lynn and Fall River


  1. Middlesex County
  2. Worcester County
  3. Essex County
  4. Suffolk County
  5. Norfolk County
  6. Bristol County
  7. Plymouth County
  8. Hampden County
  9. Barnstable County
  10. Hampshire County