The State of Montana

The State of Montana

Overall health rank: 29th

Overview: 1,005,141 people live in the 4th largest state in the country. Montana is one of a few states whose rural population accounts for its majority at 64.7%. The largest city in "Big Sky Country" is Billings which has a population is 106,954. 48 hospitals are found throughout Montana servicing the population who has the highest percentage of individuals aged 65-74 years old in the country.

Montana has a below average percentage of individuals who are overweight or obese but has an above average rate of individuals who smoke. The 41st state has the 5th lowest rate of death due to coronary artery disease(CAD)in the country. High rates of death due to drowning, drug overdose, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke are associated with the state of Montana. These unfavorable health statistics contribute to the 1,430 people who die in a year due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Health surveys of adults in Montana show that 25.2% had high blood pressure, 34.6% of those screened had high blood cholesterol and 6.6% had diabetes. Also 42.0% of adults report that they had not participated in any exercise over the past 30 days and 74.7% ate fruit and vegetables less than 5 times a day. In the state where the famous battle of Little Big Horn took place, more individuals are needed to be trained and certified in CPR and AED use to prevent Montanans from taking their last stand.

Montana state laws and statutes regarding AED

Before using the AED, an individual authorized to operate the AED must receive appropriate training approved by the department in CPR and the proper use of an AED. An individual who provides emergency care by using an AED and an individual providing CPR to an individual upon whom an AED is or may be used are immune from civil liability for a personal injury that results from that care or from civil liability as a result of any act in providing or arranging further medical treatment for the individual upon whom the AED was used unless the individual using the AED or the person providing CPR acts with gross negligence or with intentional or with unprovoked disregard for the care of the person upon whom the AED is or may be used.

BLS, CPR and AED related news stories

February 13, 2013 – "'Don't Die On Me, Dad,' Son Pleads While Performing CPR"

A father and son duo were cutting the lawn of a client when suddenly the father collapses to the ground. The father within juries from the fall suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Thesonwhowas certified in CPR began chest compressions while calling 9-1-1 on his cellphone. The son continued CPR until the paramedics arrived and his efforts saved his father's life. performing/article_01095c33-c089-571f-b1c7-0e5c3157b192.html

June 27, 2013 – "Young Girl Hospitalized After Splash Montana Incident"

A 2-year old girl was found at the bottom of a pool at a waterpark and bystanders quickly rushed to help. Eyewitnesses state a 14-year old boy pulled the young girl out of the pool and a nurse who heard that the girl was unresponsive rushed over and began CPR. The efforts of the bystanders led to the survival of the young girl.


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