Obesity Rates & Trends in United States & Importance of CPR Certification Courses

Statistics show that an enormous 68.8% of Americans are considered overweight with 35.7% being obese and 6.3% extremely obese. The reason that this is so shocking is that excess fat in the body lead to complications and illnesses such as gout, osteoarthritis, gallstones and gallbladder disease, some types of cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. The fact is that everyone that forms part of the mentioned stats can succumb to any one of the mentioned issues and this while living longer can be as easy as starting to eat right.

You hear this a lot but have you heard how just a few dietary changes can lead to weight loss and a healthier you. To take a few examples, you can exchange your Cola or other gaseous drinks for infused waters and no, they do not need to be terrible as you may add some honey to get the same sweet payoff. Exchange that piece of steak and fries for a delicious steamed salmon fillet drizzled in a honey mustard lemon dressing with a good side of Greek salad. Instead of ice cream, have some low fat frozen yogurt. You will still have the same kind of payoff but these choices are much healthier for you.

Due to the fact that these stats are so shocking we can see that we are going to need many more people that completed CPR certification courses to have someone nearby every time a stroke or heart attack threatens to steal someone’s life away. Doing this is as easy as signing up to get your online CPR certification right here. Check out the videos and learning material for your online CPR classes (that’s right, you never attend any physical classes) and write the tests when you feel you are prepared enough. This can happen as fast or slow as needed.

After completing your tests you are sure to have no shortage of emergencies so be prepared. People should really opt for healthier food choices but do not cut anything out entirely as you need a balanced diet. When eating fats, choose olive oil or nuts rather than full fat butter. I the case of carbs, choose quinoa over white pasta. With sugars you’ll do well to choose stevia instead of sugar. When you have to have meat, avoid the red and rather have chicken and fish. There are many ways in which to prepare the healthier foods to taste even better than the bad ones. We all need how to learn to cook but now we need to teach ourselves to cook healthier. Fruit and veggies are better for you if they are rawer anyway. There are many other sources of protein out there that is not animal based and when you have had enough poultry and fish you may realize that you love legumes and nuts. Ensure that you don’t need the services of someone with a CPR first aid certification by keeping an eye on what you consume.