Welcome to CPR Solutions

We are the leader in 100% online classes for CPR/AED. Our courses are crafted by accredited AHA instructors and are all based on current AHA and ECC guidelines. We make it fast and convenient to earn your first aid certification or recertification.

Our courses will give you the confidence that your knowledge is up to date with current best practices, and that you’ll be able to handle an emergency situation if it arises. Our customers include working professionals, healthcare providers and organizations. Plus, we offer 24/7 assistance to anyone in need of help by phone or email.

100% Online – Study, Take the Exam and Get Your Card Anywhere!

Our courses are completely web-based and can be completed entirely on your computer or mobile device. There is no hands-on skills test required for certification or recertification.

One of our customers’ favorite aspects of our courses is that they can be completed literally anywhere! Whether you’re at home, at work, at school or anywhere else you can be working through your course and even earning your card. You’ll enjoy national acceptance across all 50 states plus international acceptance including Canada, the UK, Europe and more.

There is no time limit on our study material or exams, so you can work through them entirely on your own pace. Each course includes all training material you’ll need to learn the material and successfully pass the exam, so you can focus on learning (or re-familiarizing) the material without worrying about needing anything else. We don’t restrict the type of device you’d like to use with our courses. Each one is designed to work on all major types of devices, including desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets (like iPads) and mobile phones.

CPR/AED Certification & Recertification Courses

Our CPR courses cover all major patient types including adult, child and infant for true, all-in-one training. Whether you encounter a situation such as drowning or choking due to a blocked passage, you will learn exactly how to handle the situation from start to finish according to current guidelines. If you’ve been certified before, our recertification course provides a great refresher on core concepts and the latest AHA and ECC updates. If you’ve never been certified, our certification course provides complete, comprehensive training.

All of our courses included automated external defibrillator (AED) training so you learn how to use one of these potentially life-saving machines. AEDs are now available in many public buildings and places, so it’s critical to know how to use them. You’ll learn AED operations and use to help save someone‚Äôs life in an emergency situation if they are not breathing or have had a heart attack.

First Aid/CPR Courses

Our first aid courses add comprehensive training for severe injury situations. You’ll learn the skills and techniques needed to properly provide help and assistance. This includes core first aid steps like stopping the bleeding, applying pressure to the wound(s) and applying bandage(s).

How Our Courses Work

Our courses are all-inclusive so they do not require you to purchase anything else.

Each course includes all the following:

1. Complete online training material covering all information you’ll need to pass the exam

2. Online exam

3. Instant PDF printable card you can use for immediate proof of coverage

4. Hard copy provider card

5. Free shipping for hard copy card to you anywhere in the continental US

6. 2 years of coverage before card expires

7. Support for all major device types (desktop computer, laptop computer, tablets and mobile phones)

If you have any additional questions about one of our courses, please contact us. We respond to most inquiries within an hour or two during normal business hours.